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Encompasses Hardcast Duct Sealants and Adhesives, DynAir Airflow Hardware, and the Nexus 4 Bolt Flange Closure System

Hardcast encompasses Hardcast Duct Sealants and Adhesives, DynAir Airflow Hardware and Accessories, and the Nexus 4-Bolt Flange Closure System. As an industry leader, Hardcast supplies superior products and engineered solutions to ensure the sustainability of your HVAC system. Our formulations include U.L. listing, U.L. GREENGUARD Gold certification, True Zero VOC content and 10 Year Warranties. They exceed industry standards and are engineered to ensure consistent, quick and accurate installation. Our products and solutions deliver maximum efficiency, unparalleled quality, and unmatched savings, and to ensure these goals are met, we provide thorough training and field support.

Hardcast duct sealing and DynAir airflow management solutions ensure that your Hardcast system ductwork will exceed the latest International Energy Conservation Code® and International Mechanical Code® requirements. The facility Indoor Environmental Quality is of critical importance today and is top of mind for all design professionals. The sealing of all ductwork, adequate airflow and air exchange in a facility is critical to its health, comfort and performance. Hardcast Products helps you meet these requirements by providing not only the longest lasting duct sealing options, but also the best airflow management hardware. Hardcast also offers numerous products and solutions for the restoration of both the air distribution system as well as mechanical rooms and outside equipment and ductwork. Ask us how we can help you make your HVAC system perform at peak efficiency.